Gunn and Moore are renowned manufacturers of premium cricket equipment. Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats for Sale is no exception. The company has been in the cricket equipment business for over a century, manufacturing bat and ball, gloves, helmet and apparel. gunn and moore Cricket Bats for sale includes bats for junior players as well as those suitable for adults. There is something here for everyone from kids to seniors. A wide range of sizes and finishes to ensure that everyone will find something that is right for them.

Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats for sale


All of the Gunn and Moore cricket balls are made from the finest materials available. This includes graphite, premium acrylic and titanium. Each of these materials is made using advanced machines that ensure the best possible results for the product that is produced. The company works hard to deliver each of its products to retailers and other customers that are looking for top quality cricket equipment. Each piece of cricket equipment made by Gunn and Moore is designed to be durable, reliable and comfortable to use.


Many of the models of Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats for sale feature the patented G-Pen handle system. This handle system allows users to swing the bat with one hand, while still applying pressure to the ball with the other hand. This helps to keep the hands comfortable at all times, even during high-velocity swinging. Users can choose between standard styles, custom finishes and graphite shafts. Depending on what level of cricket the user is playing at, he can select the appropriate bat and ball.

Gunn and Moore also make other items, such as cricket bags, scorecards, stumps, slips, tees, towels, scorecards/stumps protector, and county flags. All of these products are made to help the consumer to enjoy his or her sporting activity. Some of the items have a retail value of more than $50. For most of their products, consumers can receive free manufacturer’s warranty, service contracts, originality guarantee, and up to twenty percent discount on the purchase price. These exceptional values make Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats a top choice of professionals and beginners alike.

The company has been in business since 1874. Gunn and Moore specialize in producing high quality balls for all types of events. They are known as one of the leading companies in the market. They are constantly innovating and improving their designs and quality of balls.

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