Exposed aggregate is used all over Perth not only for its aesthetic appeal but also its functionality. Due to its coarse texture, it provides an additional level of skid resistance as not found in traditional flat or polished concrete. This makes it a practical choice in places where the weather is unpredictable, such as around a pool or in outdoor living areas. If properly installed and maintained, exposed aggregate perth can last a lifetime with little care.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete - Perth Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate in Perth occurs in two forms. One is called Reefed and the other gravel. Reefed Exposed Aggregates is made by applying pressure to the gravel and then rolling it over a metal frame. The exposed aggregate on the other hand is made by injecting water into the stone formation and then letting the pressure to do the work. These materials can be used for all types of driveways, from city streets to country roads.

As you can see, there are quite a few advantages associated with using these in your driveway. As the name suggests, the material is quite hard and durable which allows for heavy weight vehicles to easily penetrate into them. For this reason, they are commonly seen in hospital driveways, where they are used for bed liners and concrete slabs. The heavy weight of these makes them extremely strong and can be designed to resist many times the force of a vehicle as it passes over them. In terms of aesthetics, you can match the appearance of exposed aggregate to the rest of the concrete surface by staining or painting it in accordance to your preference.

There are some disadvantages to using these in your home too. While they can hold up to the weight of heavy vehicles, you need to use caution when driving over them, especially when it comes to wet weather or when the road is wet. This is because when the weight of the vehicles get concentrated on a small area of an aggregate concrete, the area may buckle. When this happens, the material may become damaged due to the expanding and contracting forces, leading to cracks. While this can certainly be fixed, the repair would be rather expensive.

You can choose the colours that you want to have in your driveway depending on your preference. Some of the colours include earth tones, beige and camel colors, brick red and cream colours. The colours allow you to blend the stones with the rest of the house or landscape in order to achieve a perfect look. If you are planning to use these in the driveway, you will certainly find a lot of choices when it comes to colours.

The material is non-abrasive to the surroundings and it can look good at any place. The low maintenance rate of this product makes it a good choice for people who want to create pathways in their landscape. The ability of the aggregates to withstand pressure makes them ideal choices for pool surrounds and driveways. In fact, some homeowners opt for this product for their garden as well. With these qualities, you can be sure that Exposed Aggregates in Perth will be able to give you years of low maintenance and durability.