Schools start in August and September in Germany. The right workplace at home promotes concentration with daily homework.

How must a desk and the associated desk chair for children be designed so that children feel comfortable with their homework? The Federal Association of Accident Insurance Funds in Munich (BUK) has given thought to this question .

Keyword “dynamic sitting”

An important keyword in your guide is dynamic sitting. According to this, fidgeting is not only normal for children, but changing the sitting posture also strengthens the back. According to BUK, a good chair therefore moves with you and supports your back, no matter what position the child occupies on it.

The experts advise that when buying a desk and chair, make sure that they are height-adjustable. In this way, the furniture could grow with the child by repeatedly being adapted to the child’s size. The BUK experts recommend checking the heights once or twice a year.

Individual is ideal

In general, the guidebook answers the question about the perfect workplace with the formula: “The more precisely tailored to the individual child, the healthier. Versatile adjustable furniture is particularly suitable for this. Some chairs can be adjusted not only in height, but also in depth. An inclination of the table top by 16 degrees is considered ideal as it makes reading, writing and drawing easier. If a computer screen is placed on a part of the table top, the surface should remain straight.

With regard to the ideal setting of the desk chair, the BUK experts say: “When sitting, the child should completely touch the floor with both feet. The thighs
should lie horizontally on the seat. The hollow of the knee should not touch the front edge of the seat. ”The desk is ideally positioned when the elbows are at the height of the table top with the arms hanging down and the thighs have sufficient freedom of movement under the table.