Corona has shown: Home office works. However, if you work permanently from home, you should not only choose the location for the desk carefully. Otherwise home work will fail.

Working from home has its advantages. Many recognized and proven this during the Corona crisis : You can also be efficient in the makeshift office at the kitchen table.

But if you got a taste for it and would like to use the home office regularly, you should create a permanent solution. Otherwise not only the back will suffer, but also the family or shared apartment.

“Anyone who only works at home for three or four weeks can live well with a compromise,” says Detlef Detjen, managing director of the Healthy Back Campaign. However, if a permanent workplace is to be set up, the kitchen table and kitchen chair are not suitable. “You need a real office workstation,” says Detjen.

“In most cases the apartment is fully furnished. Finding an additional place there is difficult, ”says Hamburg interior designer Ines Wrusch. Especially since certain requirements are placed on the workplace so that you can be really productive there.

“When choosing a location, you should above all ensure that there is the necessary peace and quiet for concentrated work and that it is not disturbed by the other residents,” says Christine Scharrenbroch from the Association of the German Furniture Industry in Bad Honnef.

When the kitchen becomes the new office

The kitchen is a good place to work for many people because there is plenty of space on the dining table for computers, monitors and other work utensils. But this room is very busy, especially in larger families, and is therefore not necessarily a permanent solution. “For the home office I either have to forego another function in the house or choose a neutral place that enables two functions at the same time,” says Wrusch.

This is possible with well-designed furniture. “Since the workplace at home shouldn’t usually take up too much space, desks and secretaries that are functional and comfortable and that blend in with the living room or guest room in a visually appealing way,” says Scharrenbroch. Some models can even be placed in the hallway or on a landing – “for example in the form of stylish folding secretaries on the wall.”

Work materials should be stowed away after work, especially in the home office. For example, drawers integrated into the desk, smaller drawer containers, possibly on castors, and shelf systems are suitable for this.

Suitable furniture for working from home

It is important that the home office is designed as ergonomically as possible and enables movement. “Height-adjustable desks are becoming more and more popular, not only in the office but also in the home office,” says Scharrenbroch. The changing working positions make them particularly easy on the back. “With the office chair, it is important to ensure that the seat can be moved forwards, backwards and sideways,” adds back expert Detjen.

Even if space in the apartment is limited: the distance from the desk to the screen must not be too small. “We recommend a distance of 60 to 100 centimeters, but it shouldn’t be less than 50 centimeters,” says Detjen.