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The key factors of Asphalt Extreme have been described below which will definitely take up the game in your mind to the next level. So, do not fear at all and get ready to RIP IT OFF:

Try Hard or sit at home: The Asphalt Extreme awards the consistent performers by racing them like fast, but definitely it will, in turn, increase your chances to get hit, collapse or collide with the opponents and with the failing missions. The Asphalt Extreme has a trend to reward the players by providing the extra speed to their game and their lightening reflexes

Smash everything: Once you be in the different sceneries there are chances that you can through lots of stuff that can help you in gaining small Nitro recharge. So, help yourself in gaining the same and act like HULK in smashing everything lying in the valleys or as it comes in front of you. Do not give any thought before ripping anything off, just be a beast and rip off whatever comes in your way.

Boost your Bonus: As there is a standard bonus for everyone who wins the race, but if you are the one that compasphalt eremappletes all kinds of tasks too, then there will be the separate bonus for you that definitely will add upon your kitty to establish something you have never thought off.

Race up the multiplayer: Playing with the multiplayer can help you in taking the heights, you can win them for your legacy and can earn them for your future preferences.

Upgrade your vehicle: Do won up the bonus so that you can continuously update your vehicle, as you never know what is next and can be very drastic for you as you are already dealing with something which you haven’t confronted yet, so be ready as you never know what’s next.

Accumulate as many as you can: Never lose any opportunity to won a start-sit can be really very harmful for you. The stars only depict your worth in any season so try to accumulate as many as you can for your winning graph to move up.

Ready for the trigger: In Asphalt Extreme be ready for anything that you have never thought of as you never know what’s next so do not lose hope as next season can be good and you can score much higher than you thought off in the same.

Use some cheats: You can use Asphalt Extreme Hack and get unlimited Credits in no time!

These key factors will definitely help you in mastering the game. Before playing the game do take care of these factors as it will give the list or you can say a glimpse of the game to you and will trigger your success going further. So play with good faith in yourself and make sure that you earn well in spite of any season or any calamity. So play well, Earn well and set milestones for your friends to explore going forward.

I’m always on the lookout for electrifying new games to play on my iDevices. Wire Storm fits that description almost exactly — it’s a connect-the-dots puzzle with an electricity theme. Puns aside, Wire Storm is an excellent puzzle game. The short levels make it easy to play in small bursts, yet it’s challenging enough to fill a few hours with touchscreen entertainment.
The goal in Wire Storm is to create a “complete circuit” by connecting nodes of the same color. Drag your finger from one node to the next to indicate a wire path for the electrical current. Sound easy? Here’s the challenge: you need to fill the entire game board, but wires can not cross and wires of the same color can not fill a 2×2 square.Wire Storm Adds Sparks
If you’re familiar with games from the App Store’s Top 100 Charts, then it’s hard not to notice the similarities between Wire Storm and Flow Free. The gameplay is the same: connect the endpoints and earn points. The main difference is one of design. Flow Free features a decidedly more simplistic theme where users create “pipes” so that water can flow. I find Wire Storm’s electric theme more appealing. Wires sparkle as they connect to each Node and all that energy gets me charged up to keep playing. Another nice touch is the color palette. Even while playing a marathon of 5×5 grids, it’s not the same old set of primary hues. In Wire Storm, the colors vary from level to level.
Wire Storm delegates points on a sliding scale. In Freeplay mode players earn more stars for solving each puzzle in the fewest moves possible. Speed will net the best scores in a Timed Trial.
Despite its successful design, the game shorts out in several places. Most noticeably with the way ads are implemented. The app launches with a decent ad-free trial period. (I played without distractions for more than a dozen levels.) However, once the ads starts, they are very intrusive and can’t always be x’ed out of right away.
My advice is to spend the $0.99 and upgrade to the ad-free version of Wire Storm. Simply, click the shopping cart icon in the upper right-hand corner to remove ads via in-app purchase. If you decide to hold off, then at least go to the settings and disable video ads. It doesn’t cost anything and you’ll won’t get stuck watching a 30-second ad.
Whether you buy the upgrade or not, Puzzle fans will find Wire Storm to be an excellent value. The game has 18,000 levels. As you improve, increase the grid size from 5×5 all the way up to 16×16 for more of a challenge. Or, make it even more interesting by sharing top scores on social media and inviting a few friends to play Wire Storm using Game Center.
If you ready for a real challenge, clear your schedule and dig in for a Wire Storm marathon. Developer Bit Has is offer a $500 prize for the first person to earn 27,000 stars in Freeplay Mode. The challenge officially ends April 1, but the top score is already above 20,000 stars so if you want to participate don’t delay. There is more information on the Bit Hax blog.

Joseph Campbell once said you can tell a lot about a city by its tallest building. I’d like to think you can deduce a few things about a place by its local radio stations as well — which is why I’m utterly fascinated with Wunder Radio, the latest release from the folks at Weather Underground.

By teaming up with RadioTime,Wunder Radio has compiled a bank of thousands of stations from around the world. Wunder Radio uses GPS to find stations near you, as well as lets you scroll through options divided by type and location. The variety ranges from talk radio to music by genre and much more. Interested in what you might find playing on a blues station in Mississippi? Wunder Radio’s got it; Curious about what a soul station in Finland or an Argentine TV music station has in store? Wunder Radio has you covered.Once connected, the display information varies, but usually includes the city where the station is being broadcast, the station’s call letters, the artist and song playing or the name of the show playing. Below that is often a list of suggested stations that have similar music or shows. You can also save stations to your favorites list.

Wunder Radio

And they don’t stop there. Wunder Radio features live scanner feeds through, as well as, of course, weather coverage. While Weather Underground’s earlier release, Who is Hot, is both convenient and free, Wunder Radio’s broader scope is well worth the $5.99 price tag.

Appealing as Wunder Radio is, it is not without its faults. While the maker’s description boasts that Wunder Radio features more than two thousand stations, I had a hard time getting even two dozen stations to come in clear, quick, and without dropping out. In the developer’s defense, however, I have to admit that perhaps the Eastern European stations don’t stream so well while driving through a snow storm next to Lake Superior and testing the app on an iPhone 2G.

If you’ve got a newer phone and you’re not listening from somewhere in the Arctic tundra, I’m guessing you’ll have better reception. Regardless, Wunder Radio is worth putting up with a few glitches, if only so as to know that somewhere in the world besides Detroit, someone’s listening to Marvin Gaye.

Here I am, putting Wawa Mobile’s Dog Whistle app to the test. I was tapped for the job because the boss knows I have three dogs.
According to Wawa, I can use Dog Whistle to train my dogs to do as I command and even condition them Pavlovian-like not to bark when someone comes to my front door. The app emits a high-pitched tone, just beyond the hearing of humans but within the hearing range of your average canine, which finds high-pitch tones alarming, if not painful.
My dogs, Ellie, Henry and Kona, are well behaved and don’t need to be trained to do much beyond getting me chips, salsa and beer during each quarter of Sunday football.

dog whistle
Dog Whistle has two basic settings: One is to emit a tone when I press a big fat orange button and when the dogs’ barking exceeds a pre-set loudness threshold. When I pressed the whistle button on Wawa, at its highest frequency (20,000 kMhz) not one of my three dogs bothered to pick up its head from the kitchen floor and look in my direction.
I decide to wave my iPhone in Ellie’s face, while pressing the whistle button, and she tries to lick my iPhone to see what it tastes like. Henry comes running over because he thinks I’m about to pat Ellie and he wants in on the hand outs. Meanwhile, Kona ignores all of us. She’ll get up when it’s dinner time.
Because none of the dogs will bark unless someone comes to the door (and I hope when a burglar breaks in when no one is home), I decide to bark at the iPhone to see how well it reacts to noise. The meter registers even when the threshold is set at its highest 90db — about the same loudness as a hair dryer. I could peg the electronic needle with a  moderately soft speaking voice. I found that if I whistled softly, the app would whistle back. Meanwhile the three dogs yawned and looked at each other with that “Isn’t that human a complete dweeb?” look and wagged their tails in agreement.
I have no way to measure the frequency range of the iPhone’s speaker, but Apple says it’s 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Nevermind, the number by itself means little, but the phone’s speaker is far lower than that because I could hear the tone at what the app says was a 20,000 kHz frequency. Because of my age and sex (women hear better than men), I might be able to hear up to 14,000 kHz on a good day. Meanwhile, dogs will pay attention to tones somewhere between 16,000kHz to 22,000kHz.
In short, Dog Whistle doesn’t do anything near what its developer claims. In fact, it’s probably the most useless app I’ve come across in the App Store, ahead of some apps I positively loathe. Your dogs will only laugh at you for being so stupid to have wasted money if you buy this app.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.Face it, personalizing your device with wallpaper and backgrounds is fun. There are plenty of showy (and some pricey) apps that let users create bright, beautiful and bold backgrounds, home and lock screens, but for simplistic, inspiring and unique images, Paper’d is like a free gift for your phone. The artistic styles of Paper’d images are different than you might expect. Many of them resemble paper art and the categories included are unique as well. Paper’d is free to download, and while not all images are available without an additional in-app purchase, many of them are included for A Paper'd Phone is a Cool Phonefree.
Categories within Paper’d include AAAAAH Adorable Monsters!, Astrology, States, Patterns, Quotes, Initials, Robots, and more. Granted, some images are far more artistic or expressive than others, but the plain fact is there’s a little something for everyone. The focus of Paper’d is unique design/illustrations and the running style is subtle and simple, but visually appealing.
The Paper’d interface is smooth and selections can be made by browsing categories displayed in a scroll-wheel design with brief descriptions included. There is a preview option that lets users view both the lock screen and home screen with selected images. Making use of the images as wallpaper is as simple as saving a single image or an entire collection to your photo library and then setting the saved image accordingly. Some wallpaper designs, such as days of the week, would benefit greatly from the ability to automatically rotate, but this functionality simply isn’t available – not because the developers don’t see the benefit, but because it’s not a current possibility.
Another bonus to Paper’d as a wallpaper image collection is the frequent/occasional update. New galleries will randomly become available for selection – some free, some intended to be purchased. This helps keep the collection fresh and provides additional personalization options. Many of the current categories are images, but there is a strong focus on words as well. Several categories display mantras and quotes, such as the Zen and Just Be categories. Some categories are strong in their design and others are just so-so. The weakest category is the “area code” category, which includes only a few random cities from various states. However, with 200-some odd images to select, there is a bit of something for every style. As an added bonus, the images available in the in-app purchase packs can be viewed before buying so you know exactly what you’re getting.
As a gallery of wallpaper collections, Paper’d is unique and provides a different artistic style with a soft, subtle feel. There is no need to make additional purchases to use the app and it’s easy to change backgrounds. The included FAQ is informational and there are no annoying ads despite the fact that it’s free. When you sum it all up, Paper’d is a simple, but sophisticated collection of wallpaper images suitable for those with a simplistic, yet expressive style.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.